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State Bank of India’s legacy began with the setting up of the Bank of Calcutta on 2 June 1806. Renamed as bank of Bengal on January 1809, it was followed by two other Presidency Banks, Bank of Bombay (1840) and Bank of Madras (1843), heralding the dawn of modern banking in India. The currency notes this bank issued were legal tender till March 1862 when Government of India assumed this responsibility. The triad was merged on 27 January 1921 to constitute the Imperial Bank of India, the subcontinent’s pre-eminent commercial bank and “Banker to the Government” till Reserve Bank of India was set up in 1935.

On 1 July 1955 Imperial Bank was nationalized as State Bank of India, giving it a ‘state-partnered’ role in the development of rural banking. In 1959-60, State Bank acquired eight associate banks, two of which later merged into one. Lead bank in country’s backward districts, focus on core infrastructure sectors such as power, telecom, oil and gas, petroleum, presence in all financial services and keeping pace with all technological advancement, the Bank aims higher in different realms of nation-building.

Since 1980, State Bank created several subsidiary companies undertaking Merchant Banking, Mutual Funds, Leasing, Home Finance, Gilts, Factoring, Insurance, Credit Cards and Debit Cards etc. The Bank has proven records in serving through its rural and semi-urban network, promoting agriculture and industries.

As the major initiator of modern Indian economy, State Bank had the vision of social obligations even while purchasing its business goals, An institution with a rich heritage of service and goodwill, a zeal for perfection, advanced technical expertise and know-how, a will to perform and achieve it has become a symbol of national trust. Today the State Bank Group provides banking services round the clock with its over 13000 branches/offices in all continents and in over 30 countries, transcending all time zones, and over 5000 ATMs at every nook and corner of the country. As it celebrates 200 years of excellence, State Bank is committed to carry forward the trust built over two centuries to millions of its constituents, both within and beyond India.